Micro Markets

Customized For Your Location: 

  • Get a Micro Market Customized For Your Location
  • We Offer A Number Of Different Types and Styles Of Micro Markets
  • We Will Meet Your Locations Requirements



Beautification, Selection & Convenience:

A micro market at your offices, will be an added amenity for your tenants. It will offer a much larger variety of products and make the space feel open and inviting. We are happy to customize the artwork/marketing opportunities on the designed space as well to suite your brand. We would measure out the space and send you a design of how it would look.


State-of-the-Art Technology:

“Technology is the key to delivering outstanding services through multiple payment options, all easy and convenient”

  • State of the Art equipment
  • Largest screen on the market, sleek modern design
  • Best security and PCI CERTIFIED software on the market, P2P software
  • Mobile APP for payment and account information
  • Technology platform is expandable
  • Uses 1/3 the power of traditional services
  • Security camera system, temperature alerts, web-based reporting, all using AWS services.


The 365 Nanomarket: 

Is this Location Right for
a Tablet-Based Market?

The 365 nanomarket™ is a modern, tablet-based device for smaller locations, allowing operators to expand into locations that were previously cost prohibitive. Operators will enjoy the ability to quickly and easily open new locations without sacrificing the quality and innovation they have come to expect from 365’s suite of products.

Featuring 365Secure, consumers can be confident that all their transactions are secure. The built-in 2D barcode scanner allows consumers to scan products and utilize 365’s new payment app: 365Pay. The nanomarket quickly and easily mounts to a countertop and offers optional cellular hardline connectivity, making installation a piece of cake!


The 365 App Software: 

The software we use has MANY functions like back of the house reporting and inventory so that we will always know what is missing at your location. Sales reports that tell us what goes well and what doesn’t, and we are always paying attention and making adjustments to provide what your team actually enjoys eating!

Biometrics, fingerprint scanners and top of the line security are all included, and so many more functions we can discuss in depth later. In addition to this state of the art technology, we have a great PHONE APP, that leads the industry in usage, loyalty points earned and promotion communication.


Phone App Advantages: 

  • Checkout from your phone
  • Amazing REWARDS Program
  • Account History
  • Auto Reloads
  • Promotion Notification and DEALS!
  • Communicate with Customers

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Get a Micro Market for Your Business, Office, Facility or Location
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